Nondisclosure Agreements

We require nondisclosure agreements for all trainees and all customers receiving advice and mission plans.  We use proprietary methods.  These agreements protect our business interests and our associates' personal and business interests.  None of the material covered in training or advising is classified at any government level.  However, much of the content is confidential at the corporate level.  Tangentially, in our age of surveillance, trainees may draw attention from hostile sources, and not disclosing certain features of their capabilities and intent is good practice.

Disclaiming further, we do not train, hire, or associate with government employees or government contractors.  This includes local, state, and federal bodies.  We have no connection to Department of Defense, the intelligence community, or any law enforcement department, nor do we admit any active associate from the same into our programs.  CRWG is a private limited liability company and serves exclusively private press.