We have four managers and a host of in-network advisers and trainers.  We celebrate higher education, continuous training, and meaningful analysis.

One must be a fox in order to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves.
— Machiavelli


Daryl Baginski, Managing Member


  • J.D., Syracuse University, 2011
  • M.A.-Philosophy, Syracuse University, 2011
  • B.A.-Philosophy, University of Florida, 2006
  • Certificate in Forensic Science, West Virginia University, 2015

Daryl is an attorney licensed in the State of New Mexico. His research in law includes criminal procedure, homicide, and legal punishment. He earned a joint degree in law and philosophy (J.D./M.A.), defending his final project on punishment rationales for a particular form of homicide called “depraved heart murder.”

Daryl has four years’ experience teaching law and humanities at the undergraduate level, including criminal law and logic. His areas of interest include phenomenology and deconstruction, having studied at the Kierkegaard Research Center in Copenhagen and at the graduate level at Syracuse University in the Philosophy and Religion departments.  He teaches philosophy at a community college in Maryland.

Daryl is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as Military Police. His in-service supplemental record includes traffic accident investigation, drug lab recognition, hostage negotiation, and physical security.   His post-service record includes shooting incident reconstruction, firearms and tool mark identification, predictive profiling, and counter-narcotic analysis.  He completed courses in statement analysis, intelligence analysis, wilderness and urban SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) taught by military contractors, and human tracking.


Larry Jones, Managing Instructor


  • M.A.-International Commerce and Policy, George Mason University, 2015
  • B.A.-English, University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Larry brings 10 years of federal service to the company. He is a combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as Military Police and Intelligence Specialist from 1999 to 2007.

As an Intelligence Specialist, Larry attended the Marine Air Group Task Force Intelligence Specialist Course, which covered application of intelligence, report writing, briefing and debriefing, and map reading. He deployed to Ramadi and Al Asad, Iraq, in two separate tours. He trained for six months and joined a prestigious Marine Expeditionary Unit (22nd) as an Intelligence Analyst and Intelligence Chief for the USMC Special Operations Training Group (SOTG). He trained and certified marines and Intel Specialists for special operations capable status. Missions included evacuations, recovery of aircraft personnel, humanitarian assistance, counter-piracy operations, and a variety of raids.

Larry has processed, collected, and analyzed data from human, signals, geospatial, imagery, and open source intelligence. He has developed regional assessments and delivered crisis action team briefs and event briefings.

As a private investigator, Larry writes reports and case summaries, collects evidence, conducts surveillance, and prepares for litigation. He is proficient in surveillance techniques, both digital and non-digital. His supplemental education includes ArcGIS mapping and geospatial analysis.

He currently teaches English at a community college in Maryland.


Mei-ling McNamara, Managing Analyst


  • Ph.D.-Trans-Disciplinary Documentary Film, University of Edinburgh, U.K., 2016
  • M.A.-Journalism, Goldsmiths College, University of London, U.K., 2009
  • M.A.-American Poetry and Prose, University of Essex, U.K., 1998
  • B.A.-English, University of California Davis, 1997

Mei-Ling is a journalist and documentary filmmaker, working in both print and broadcast media. Her specialties include reporting on human trafficking.  Her productions have included work for a number of international broadcasters including CNN International, PBS, Channel 4, and Al-Jazeera English.  Her recent reporting on modern day slavery in Britain was published by the Guardian: 3,000 children enslaved in Britain after being trafficked from Vietnam.  She produced Madagascar: State of Denial in 2010.

She has made a number of investigative and current affairs documentaries in the areas of human rights, social issues and environmental justice. Her documentary Children of the Cannabis Trade, broadcast on Al-Jazeera English, highlighted the issue of forced labor and the criminalization of trafficking victims in the British justice system. The documentary won the 2011 Human Trafficking Foundation Media Award for Best TV Documentary.  Her latest piece A Slave in Scotland was published in 2016.

She holds a Ph.D. in Trans-Disciplinary Documentary Film from the University of Edinburgh where her documentary and law work examined the political, legal and psychological issues faced by survivors of forced labor in Britain. Originally from the U.S., she has lived and worked in the UK and Africa, and is a member of BAFTA Scotland, Scottish PEN and the Foreign Press Association.

Mei-Ling’s supplemental training includes riot and protest training for journalists at the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre (MPSTC) in Gravesend, Kent, and Hostile Environment Training with AKE.

Mei-Ling is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Margarita Wadher, Managing Administrator


  • M.A. Public Administration, Maxwell School, Syracuse University, 2009
  • B.A.-International Relations and Global Business, University of Southern California, 2006

After finishing her undergraduate work at USC, Margarita earned her Masters of Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. There she focused on international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local non-profits. She volunteered and worked at several organizations, merging their mission statements with proper business practices that focused on efficiency and effectiveness. She worked for Mercer Health as an Analyst.

Applying her MPA training, she served as an Education Coordinator, Management Consultant, Data Analyst, and Human Resources Manager. She is licensed in California for Accident & Health/Life Insurance and SRMP-CP certified. In these roles, she oversaw management projects (expansion, awareness, outreach, materials, and research), audited files to ensure compliance, lead training for new hires, and created budgets with forecasting features, suggesting expansion strategies and assessing market demand.

Margarita has lived and worked in Russia, Sweden, and Australia and speaks fluent Russian and Swedish and conversational French.


Timothy Jones, Instructor-Advisor

  • B.A. Sociology, St. Leo College, 1997
  • Licensed Mediator, General District Court, Virginia, 2017

Tim Jones is a retired Virginia Beach Police Department detective with more than 25 years years of law enforcement experience. He was a Homicide Investigator, Robbery Squad Detective, and Police Instructor at the Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Training Academy. He served three years as a Special Agent with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, primarily undercover in the enforcement division. Prior to his service as a Special Agent, he was a Detective in the Chesapeake Police Department, where he served in Uniform Patrol, The Warrant & Fugitive Squad, Violent Crimes Unit, Vice & Narcotics, to include several undercover assignments.

During Tim’s career, he was recognized by Virginia Circuit Courts as an expert in narcotics investigations, crime scene Investigations, human trafficking, murder for hire, medio-legal death Investigations, civil disturbance, and riot control tactics. Based on his knowledge and experience, he worked on HBO’s The Wire in an advisor-writer capacity. For CRWG, he teaches journalist safety during civil disturbance, including special topics: identifying key players among protestors, law enforcement tactics and techniques, and how the press can navigate riot conditions safely while documenting events.