We serve journalists through advising and training.


In the interests of press freedom and privacy, safety and security, and effective reporting, our mission is to advise and train reporters.  Our base includes freelance reporters, human rights investigators, and journalists working under targeted surveillance by state and private actors abroad, primarily in Africa, South America, and Asia.  See interests here.



Clandestine: From celare ("to hide"), clandestinus meant "secret, hidden," from clam ("secretly").  The Medieval Latin sense related to monastic monks: "small monastery, subordinate monastery," "a small room for a monk or a nun in a monastic establishment," from cella ("small room, hut").  Later, the monastic room extended to prison rooms where inmates repented and prayed within "cell" walls.  In biology, cella influenced the sense of "compartments" and the basic structures of living organisms.  Industry used the term to speak of battery cells.  And finally, sociologists added compartments of "small groups of people working within a larger organization." 


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